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Cosmic Empowerment

Blake Kelley is a queer, nonbinary astrologer and tarot reader. They bring an affirming, relational, and playful approach to astrology and tarot. Their priority is to help people feel seen in their life experiences via their chart or a card spread. 

Blake practices these art forms because it brings them great joy to explore their chart with another person and believes in empowering their clients via personal agency and interdependence. Pulling influence from outside of astrology and tarot, Blake's approach incorporates works outside of astrology and tarot including Bell Hooks, Audra Lorde, Alok-Vaid-Menon, and Tricia Hersay.

To learn more about Blake, click here.

Blake is available for readings @ Fairy Apothecary in Fremont 

at the days and times listed below!

Mondays  >  2 - 8pm

Tuesdays  >  4 - 8pm

Thursdays  >  4 - 8pm

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