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Fairy Night Market


April 13, 7-11pm in the Ivy Courtyard



The market can be found in the courtyard just west of the storefront on 421 N 36th St, Seattle, WA 98103. The store has special extended hours through midnight during the Fairy Night Market.


Anyone and everyone! This event is free to all ages. 

The Fairy Night Market is comprised of a handful of vendors selling their wares, performance artists sharing their craft, and a variety of rotating activities to enjoy each month. You may find yourself joining a wand duel, learning about the Hedge Chronicles, or having a special spell bestowed upon your magic item.


The event is hosted on the second Saturday of every month from 6pm to midnight. The date and time are subject to change. The exact date and time for the month can be found on our calendar!


Interested in vending @ the night market?

We aspire to provide opportunities to as many creators as possible. Therefore, space is reserved on a month to month basis. If you would like to vend at multiple markets, please contact us!

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