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Beltane High Tea

The History of Beltane

May 1. In the northern hemisphere, this quarter day marks the traditional (as opposed to the astrological) beginning of Summer. It is colloquially called May Day, Floralia, and Walpurgis Night.  The word Beltane loosely translates to “bright fire” and it is the beginning of the “Light Half of the Year” for the Fae.

For the Fae, this is the time of year where the seat of power changes hands to the Seelie Court, and they will be in their strength until Samhain.  It is a major holiday, celebrated with maypoles, flower baskets & tea.


Patrons at the Trouping Tier and above receive the following benefits:

  • Personalized Invitation

  • Prioritized Seating

  • Event Pin

  • Swag Bag

About the Event

Join us for our annual Beltane High Tea hosted this year at the PNW Witches Market in Kirkland, WA! We will have a high tea service, maypole dance, fairy court ceremony for the changing of the seasons and a fun quest with prizes!
Attendees are encouraged to bring trinkets to trade with one another and dress up in their finery. Seating will be in order according to Title/Rank (visit our Patreon to get involved & support) and then open public seating.


Anyone and everyone! This is a limited capacity event; a RSVP is required to ensure adequate seating. All attendees age 11 and younger must be accompanied by a person age 16+.


This one day event will be hosted on April 28, 2024.  Check our calendar for the further details date!


Beltane High Tea will be held at the PNW Witches Market @ JUANITA BEACH PARK in Kirkland.  Attendees with physical disabilities should contact us to inquire about seating accommodations.

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