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New Faerie Wiki

To learn more about the in's and out's of our society from The Hedge Chronicles, visit our Wiki! Important links are as follows:

  • Persona Creation: Need guidelines for developing your character? Use this worksheet to get started!

  • Rules of the Realm: The rules we abide by at all gatherings READ THIS FIRST!!

  • Barkscrolls: Our story thus far. In chronological order from newest to oldest, read about what has been happening in the Realm of New Faerie.

  • Dross aka Experience Points: Earning, Spending, Uses

  • CENSUS: Who lives where? Find your tribe! This is a list of all those who have crossed the Hedge into the Enchanted Lands and where you can find them.

  • Class & Rank: Definitions of classes, ranks, titles

  • Heraldic Registry: Official listing of all registered Heraldic Crests

  • Orders & Guilds: Official listing of all registered Orders and Guilds

  • Service to the Kingdom: Merits, Achievements

  • Setting: Where in world are we?

  • Vault of the Fae: A list of all existing Enchanted Items

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